Understanding Character Motivation

23 Sep

The character motivations would make the characters' path more credible. Whenever the behavior of the character was able to reveal their drives, impulses, and urges, they appear and feel like human. Listed below are some of the things that you have to consider in working out your characters' motivation. Do click here to learn more.
What is backstory or history?

Backstory refers to the history of your character. Each person has a history. Our experiences are the ones that shape our personalities. In order to find out what drives the character, you have to ask yourself certain questions about the characters' background such as "what is the childhood story of the character?" or "What are the important events in the character's life that lead to a point to the beginning of the story?" You have to bear in mind that these things must be both in bad and good events.

Backstories have certain issues, but you have to be sparing it. Stories could be bogged down in its backstory. You do not have to explain each and every detail about it. It is enough that the reader would have an idea of what the important events did the character experienced during his or her past life. Given the right information, they would be able to picture out the specific scenarios. Give this a look for info.

There are different ways to approach the motivations of your character. One of these is to write a short biography about your character. This could be a form of an imaginary Wikipedia entry. Also, you can pretend that they are the keynote speaker at a certain event too.

Remember that your character has to want something in the world. The desires or wants of your character must be simple but not easy to get. For instance, your character might long for a true love. She may dream to become a millionaire, or to save her kidnapped mother. She might want to escape from her abusive husband, survive a building on fire, and many more. Each of these things must be fought with challenge. Make sure to click here to get started.

The things that your characters desire should drive their motivations to attain their ultimate goal. Then, along the way, there must be some obstacles that will delay the process. But, make sure these obstacles would make the personality of your character even better.

Making a character's motivation is not an easy task. In fact, most writers find this as a huge challenge. But, if you love to read books, then you would find out the different ways on how the authors make their character. From that, you would be able to grasp some ideas on how you can make yours too. Get info on character motivation here: https://youtu.be/5NB1iQ3kSz8 

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