Understanding Character Motivation.

23 Sep

In a play, movie and novel, not all the characters behave the same. They behave differently in the same situation and in different situations. Their character motivation is governed by their behavior. Some characters behave in negative ways while others behave in positive ways and some remain neutral. So what is character motivation? Character motivation is that desire or drive that motivates a particular character to behave in a specific way. All these behaviors are pre-decided by the character motivation. What propels inside the characters mind is character motivation. It also propels the characters personality. If a character in a novel behaves in a certain way, it could be as a result of something that was done to them in the past but they could not forget it. Because of that inability to forget, the characters behavior may be positive or negative depending on what was done to them in the past.

Character motivation is imperative because it is what provides the character with the chance of doing something. If there is no viable reason for doing something, the reader may not be able to believe the character behavior. Likewise in real life, if there is no good reason to support your character or the way you behave, people will not believe in you because you behaved in a way that is not supported by any reason. The same happens to the character in a novel. But if you gave a treason, people will believe in you just like the character in the play. Character motivation individualizes and creates action in a character. And without character motivation characters are notable to react in various ways and the play will be dull. Character motivation results from different reasons like thinking habits, hatred, love, ethics and the environment. Any of these factors influence the character in one way or another and that is what motivates them to act in certain ways. Character motivation helps the reader understand the characters behavior more and understand why they behaved in a particular way or fashion. Use of character motivation in play, movie, or novel helps the reader to believe in them. A reader is also shown what motivates a character so that they have a better understanding of their behavior. When you understand the character motivation the story becomes more believable. And three dimensional. The reader is given pieces of the characters back story or the exposition so as to make them three dimensional. In other words, character motivation is the better defined as the reason behind a character behavior or action. Learn more about the definition of motivation in literature here: https://youtu.be/7tjbz-e-QNg 

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